You are what you read - my favorite books and articles

There are a lot of inspirations in my life but books are certainly one of the most important one.

 Books about work and life and everything in between

 Books about computer science


Additionally to the books above, the following articles had a profound impact on me:


The speed at which technology and startups progress and evolve is insane and keeping up with it is hard. I’m a huge fan of newsletters and have subscribed to quite a few - maybe you’ll find those useful as well.

Newsletters that focus on startups and tech in general

Newsletters that focus on programming


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Reek 2 just got released!

A couple of days ago we released the new and extremely shiny Reek version 2 to the world! Reek is a static code analyzer for Ruby detecting so called code smells. Those code smells range from rather trivial ones like... Continue →